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Tax reform is a Trojan horse. There might be some tax reform where deductions are taken away and the rate is lowered. Eventually the tax rates will rise but there will not be any deductions.

The US is vulnerable to authoritarians. The electorate is ready for a strongman to seize power.

Sheep Logic - Ben Hunt Ph.D.

America’s Bipolar Disorder

Religious institutions are in decline. Secular humanism is on the rise. There is a vacuum left by religion that secular humanism has not filled. Something secular will arise to fill the vacuum left by religious institutions.

Possible futures: how Trump or a populist could capture the left

The American Century’s Final Curtain

The American Century’s Final Curtain

The Left Has the Stronger Case for Gun Ownership

Playing the long game: How China Is Winning The South China Sea

3 Uncommon Signs That An Economic Collapse Could Happen Soon