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Possible futures: how Trump or a populist could capture the left

Trump could have sold his basic platform to lefties. debate

Long Game Institutions

The future of secular humanism. A response to Charles Murray debate

America’s Bipolar Disorder

It is very fashionable right now in the MAGA crowd to complain about the deep state without questioning why it exists and what would replace it. In a republic that has two, four and six year terms how do we make viable long term plans? debate

The American Century’s Final Curtain

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The Left Has the Stronger Case for Gun Ownership

The American Conservative argues that the left has a historical case for gun ownership. debate

Playing the long game: How China Is Winning The South China Sea

In 2009, China asserted a claim to a huge swath of the South China Sea, including areas deep within other countries’ exclusive economic zones. It was a deft and calculated political move, leaving affected nations with a confounding set of retaliatory options almost none have been willing to implement. debate

Sheep Logic - Ben Hunt Ph.D.

That’s the difference between a flock and a pack. A flock is a social structure designed to promote other-awareness. It has no goals, no coordinating purpose other than communication. debate

3 Uncommon Signs That An Economic Collapse Could Happen Soon

"As stocks continue to climb and the U.S. economy sustains its third longest period of expansion in history, market forecasters are seeking clues for when our next crisis may strike. So far, three uncommon signals have them worried." debate


Trade – Both Trump and Bernie were similar on trade. Basically Trump could have borrowed some Bernie’s arguments. In other words he could have stopped talking about trade as if it was just bad negotiation and started talking about it more as hurting working people. Trump could have also borrowed from Bannon regarding China and their unfair trade practices. He could have sold this to lefties in terms of government policy and crony capitalist being in bed to sell the American people out. To be fair Trump did some of this but it is more of matter where he put the emphasis.

Immigration or the so-called Muslim ban – Instead of driving this issue with fear he could have played it differently. Basically he could have called into question the whole “we fight them over there so we don’t have to over here” argument. In the big picture which is more compassionate/humane? Invading, dropping bombs and trying to force our way of life on foreigners (what McChrystal called insurgent math) or simply cutting off immigration from these countries?

Illegal Immigration – Trump could of pivoted his message to one of class in America. Basically pointed out that there are two classes. Illegals who have no citizenship and are preyed upon by by businesses and subject to crime. We have a black market for labor which only benefits business. It hurts blue collar working people and those that need entry-level jobs such as young people. These entry-level jobs are also gateways to better jobs and businesses. He could also have skewered the Democrats for creating this “class” system and furthering it. He could have offered a more permanent solution instead of the band aids that the left proposes.

Secular humanism can fill vacuum left by religious institutions and do a better job because it will use rationality and understanding of humanity instead of superstition and fear.

Authoritarianism is on the rise globally. America is also part of this trend.

There are too many internal tensions and chaos in America. This will lead to the masses turning to a strongman to bring order to chaos.

Historical precedence. This scenario happened in 1986. The deductions and rates were lowered. Eventually the rates were hiked but there were less deductions.